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GONEX focuses on HR management for global expansion, powered by AI. We eliminate language, time zone, and information barriers. Our services include comprehensive support for overseas employees—covering EOR(employer of record), global payroll, compliance, global mobilty and insurance. GONEX ensures a smooth global transition, providing relative solutions for each client. With us, global enterprises can confidently navigate international markets, leveraging advanced technology to streamline HR processes and ensure successful global expansion.
  • 100+ Countries
  • 5min Planning
  • 100+ Currencies
  • 1 Click Global Compliance

Employer of Record

Employer of Record(EOR services): enabling businesses to localize operations in 100+ countries, streamlining management, ensuring compliance, and optimizing global workforce efficiency.

• Gonex’s Global HR SaaS system digitally manages onboarding, offboarding, transfers, monthly payroll, employee reimbursements, and attendance approvals for global staff.
• Backed by an experienced delivery team, Gonex supports enterprises in achieving efficient global compliance and employee management.

Global Payroll Service

Gonex facilitates seamless localization for businesses in 100+ countries, offering comprehensive payroll management solutions and customized reporting. These advantages help enterprises expand into new markets with greater flexibility and efficiency, fostering global development.

Global Mobility Service

In alignment with the company’s internationalization strategy, we deploy employees to subsidiaries overseas, facilitating localized establishment in 100+ countries. We handle visa and tax matters in accordance with local policies, ensuring comprehensive global compliance management throughout the entire international assignment lifecycle for employees.


Through IRIS-GTAS AI screening, global talent recruitment becomes effortless. Robust multilingual resume processing and AI-driven question-based filtering ensure quick identification of suitable candidates without delving into intricate processes. Breaking geographical boundaries, GTAS is dedicated to creating a global talent discovery and assessment platform, simplifying and enhancing multinational recruitment. Empowering enterprises to establish a localized presence in 110+ countries worldwide.


The first AI Native HR Management Platform in the world

An AI-driven global HR management platform that swiftly accesses HR policies worldwide, utilizing machine learning to automate intricate HR processes. Significantly reducing manual operational costs for multinational companies, it enhances intelligence and efficiency in HR management.

Professional Advantages

  • Experienced Service Team

  • Professional & Effective Services

  • One - Stop Solution

  • Digital Platform

  • Global Unified Payment

  • Global Compliance

Trusted by global leaders

  • Le Yang

    As a startup venturing overseas, Gonex has provided us with meticulous services from the ground up, ensuring our business expands seamlessly across multiple countries without any concerns. Furthermore, their launch of cutting-edge, innovative services has impressed us deeply, showcasing their remarkable insight into the integration of technology within the industry.
  • Yan Gu

    Efficient access to local talents is very important for a company to go global. GONEX helps ClassIn on overseas business development, by empowering us to recruit and remote management, anytime and anywhere.
  • Classin

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