Global Mobility Service

Aligned with your global strategy, assigning employees to overseas branches, aiding localized establishment in 100+ countries. Managing local aspects like visas and taxation, ensuring global compliance throughout the international assignment lifecycle.

Our Services

Global Assignment Services: Simplified setup, visa aid, comprehensive employee support, enhancing satisfaction

  1. Assignment Framework:We provide tools and resources to ensure efficient secondment system operation, complying with local legal requirements.
  2. Visa:We assist clients in processing visa applications for global assignment employees.
  3. Landing and Settlement Services:Comprehensive support and assistance for assignment employees.

Our Advantage

Optimize global assignment: Enhance talent efficiency, competitiveness, cut costs, boost satisfaction, drive business growth.

  1. Optimize Talent Allocation:Through global secondment management, businesses optimize talent utilization.
  2. Cost and Risk:Global assignment management reduces costs and risks of your business.
  3. Improve efficiency and satisfaction:Assignment employees adapt quickly to the environment, enhancing efficiency.
  4. Facilitate your global expansion:Aims to help global market expansion, enhancing competitiveness and influence in the global arena. global market expansion, enhancing competitiveness and influence in the global arena.


  • Global perspective

  • Reduce cost

  • Efficient management

  • Enhance global compliance

  • Promote cultural exchanges

  • competitiveness of enterprises

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