Payroll SaaS

Calculate, manage, disburse salaries for their global workforce via Gonex Global Payroll Platform
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$ 9.9
  • Payroll Data Management
  • Salary Calculation
  • Automatic download of payroll reports
  • Preparation of bank files & employee pay slips
  • Customized payroll reports

Payroll BPO

Professional management of payroll calculations, tax processing & statutory benefits
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$ 29.9
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Statutory Registration of On- & Off- boarding Employees
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Statutory Benefits / Tax Declaration
  • Payroll/Statutory Benefits/Individual Taxes Payment on Behalf of the Employer
  • Customized Reports


Efficiently manage the employment of personnel in multiple countries or regions for enterprise.
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$ 199
  • Employer Cost Analysis
  • Country-specific Employment Policy Interpretation
  • Drafting of Employment Contracts
  • Employee on-boarding and statutory registration
  • Monthly payroll management
  • Monthly Payroll Payment
  • Statutory benefits/tax payment
  • Supplementary Benefits Administration
  • Separation Management


Getting professional advice on overseas employee hiring, benefits, labor laws in seconds.
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  • Global Workforce Policy inquiry
  • Global Labor Costs Calculation
  • Global Workforce Documents Generation
  • Global HR Assistant 24/7
  • Q& What countries do you support?

    We support nominee employer and payroll outsourcing services in 100+ countries. Our payroll service centers are located in Dalian, China for Asia Pacific, the USA for North America, Brazil for Latin America, and Poland for Europe.

  • Q& Does your payroll service support local salary disbursement, statutory benefits, and tax processing?

    We support these services in most countries, but in some countries we need to comply with local regulations.

  • Q& Do you support visa and employment services for expatriate employees?

    We support visa and employment services for expatriates in most countries after assessing the qualifications, capabilities, and experience of employees to determine if a visa can be processed.

  • Q& Do you support contractors? What is the pricing model?

    Yes, we support two models:

    1. Gonex overseas entities sign labor contracts and provide monthly salary payments to contractors of clients overseas.

    2. Provide salary payment services only.

  • Q& Do you support company registration, recruiting, offer letter drafting, employee handbook creation, medical insurance registration and other processes required for overseas expansion?

    Yes we can support these services, but we need to communicate further based on specific overseas hiring situations in each country. Please contact Gonex overseas experts.

  • Q& How are your other products charged?

    Gonex has many product and service offerings and can customize solutions to support complete overseas expansion processes. For detailed requirements, please contact Gonex overseas experts and we will provide quotes based on customization needs.overseas experts and we will provide quotes based on customization needs.

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