First AI Native HR Platform in the world

AI-driven global HR management platform automates complex processes, cuts multinational HR management costs, ensuring intelligence and efficiency.

Our Services

Authoritative Knowledge Base for Global HR Policies

1.Global HR Policy:Utilize AGI technology for quick access to comprehensive information on resource policies and regulations worldwide.

2.Templates and Compliance Guides:Access essential document resources like employment guides and contract templates, etc.

3.Knowledge Sharing and Support:Provide HR professionals with expert global employment and management knowledge.

Our Advantage

Simplify payments, lower risks, ensure global compliance, and boost efficiency with AI.

1.Real-time updates:Access the latest HR policies and regulations worldwide in real time.

2.Global Coverage:Utilize AGI technology to achieve intelligent global HR management.

3.Data-driven HR optimization:Offering data insights and optimization through AIGC technology.


  • AIGC driver

  • Cost-benefit optimization

  • Data decision support

  • HR knowledge sharing

  • Reduce compliance legal risks

  • Improve work efficiency

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