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What positive measures does Poland have to attract companies to go abroad

What positive measures does Poland have to attract companies to go abroad?

In order to attract businesses to expand abroad, Poland has implemented several favorable measures and support programs. These initiatives aim to incentivize foreign investment, promote business development, and provide tangible benefits for employers and employees alike.

Firstly, tax incentives play a crucial role in Poland’s government initiatives. Companies registered in Poland are eligible for various degrees of tax exemptions based on factors such as investment scale and business type. This not only reduces operational costs for enterprises but also enhances their market competitiveness. For instance, a technology company establishing a research and development center in Poland benefits from tax exemptions, allowing it to allocate more funds towards innovation and research, consequently improving product quality and market competitiveness.

Secondly, the Polish government offers investment incentives. Companies making significant investments or creating substantial employment opportunities in Poland are eligible for rewards or subsidies. This incentive mechanism encourages companies to increase their investment in Poland, stimulating local economic development. For example, a multinational corporation establishing a large-scale software development center in Poland received government investment rewards due to the creation of numerous job opportunities and the development of the local economy, further boosting its confidence in the Polish market.

Moreover, Poland places a strong emphasis on innovation support. To encourage technological innovation and research, the government provides various funding and innovation platforms, including research fund subsidies, technological innovation project grants, and the establishment of innovation parks. These measures help reduce innovation risks for businesses and increase the success rate of innovation. For instance, a startup engaged in artificial intelligence research in Poland accelerated its product development process by applying for government innovation support programs, securing necessary research funds and technical support.

Lastly, the Polish government prioritizes talent development and training programs. To enhance labor skills and qualifications, the government offers a variety of training and education programs. For software outsourcing companies employing Polish workers, this means access to highly skilled and professionally trained employees, thereby improving work quality and efficiency. Additionally, these training programs help reduce recruitment and training costs for businesses.

In summary, Poland’s tax incentives, investment rewards, innovation support, and training programs provide numerous benefits for companies and employers hiring software outsourcing workers in Poland. These measures not only reduce operational costs and enhance market competitiveness but also offer more opportunities and space for business development. Therefore, choosing Poland as a location for software outsourcing employment is undoubtedly a wise decision.


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