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Managing Hiring and Employment Risks for US Companies in France

Expanding your business to another country is an exciting step that will offer opportunities for new markets and growth. However, this creates a range of new challenges, especially in terms of recruiting and employment law. For US companies looking to open up in France, this requires an understanding of the complexities involved along with the risks. Below you’ll find out everything you need to know about recruiting and hiring employees in France and why working with an employer of record such as Gonex is your best strategy.


Risks and Challenges in Hiring and Employment in France

Worker Rights

One of the most notable factors about France employment law is the strength of worker rights in the country. Unions are involved in shaping company policies and working conditions. This ensures good worker welfare for those who are employed in the company, but it is a new system for US companies who are used to having tighter control over their companies.


Unions in France

Unions are much more prevalent in France on a portion comparison with the US in terms of total workforce. These unions can bargain collectively, and, in comparison with the US are afforded high levels of legal power. These unions are able to shut down a company’s operations through strike action if they feel they have not been listened to. Back in 2019 France experienced massive nationwide strikes affecting heavy industries such as transport and public services. Operations were shut down and companies lost millions of euros.


Conclusion on Hiring and Employment Risks for US Companies in France

This means employment relationships in France require a careful approach upon which an EOR employer of record such as Gonex can provide invaluable support. An EOR is able to handle this issue in the hire of the employees, manage this on behalf of the employer, and ensure that the local regulations are in order in line with unions.


Financial Impact on Operations

One of the biggest concerns of U.S. companies operating in France is the high tax burden and the excessive costs of social security salaries. According to Lacour and Bourg, France has one of the highest tax rates in the world, and the national legislature requires companies to contribute considerably to social security and employee benefits operations. For instance, the French Council of Economic Advisers states that an employer must pay approximately 43% of their employees’ gross wages in order to social security such as pension and health insurance. This is significantly more than the payroll tax in the United States and adds a considerable cost to an international operation. Working with EORs can be particularly helpful in terms of managing the financial burdens of this operational aspect.


Implications for Strategic Financial Management

Since Gonex helps companies and corporations that want to work with EORs, U.S. companies operating in France can benefit from the productivity of this particular EOR partner. Gonex can help international firms manage their payroll and compliance efforts and execute a more accurate process of transferring taxes and social contributions. This can reduce the risk of financial penalties for implementing operations in France without paying the necessary social security tax and ensure better management of company budgets.


Legal risks and procedures of termination and layoffs

The process of terminating an employee in France is heavily regulated and has a number of legal risks that do not apply in the United States, where the at-will doctrine often provides some flexibility in matters of employee relationships. For instance, firing an employee without cause can lead to extensive legal adventures in the context of the French employment landscape and compensatory ramifications. In 2020, for example, a French company was ordered to pay €50,000 to an employee that they had previously fired for not complying with the law.


Reducing legal risks

Gonex ensures that lay-offs and terminations of employment by client companies are fully compliant with French labor law.


Working hours and leave policies

Working hours and overall leave policies in France are very different from those of the United States. The difference has to be acknowledged and accounted for in order to ensure compliance and employee satisfaction.


Working Hours Are by the Law Regulated

In France, the standard work week is 35 hours. In the US, such a week is typically 40 hours. Overtime is strictly regulated, and employers have to pay an employee accordingly. In addition, since April 2008 every employee in France has the right to at least 5 weeks of paid vacation per year. In the United States, standard minimum corporate leave is 2 weeks.


Adaptable Policies of American Companies

Therefore, in order for the policies of an American company to be compliant with the law in France, it would have to decrease the maximum length of work for its employees and increase the length of earned leaves. This could and should be relevant to the company’s local employees, depending upon their preferences and needs. With our assistance, Gonex can help develop HR policies that would fit the local workforce needs and comply with law and business efficiency implications.


Benefits of Choosing Gonex as EOR

Gonex’s authorization in France is our best advantage, as American companies would be unable or unwilling to navigate through the complexities of French law.


Working with Gonex has the following benefits:

Expert compliance management: Gonex ensures your company is compliant with all labor laws and regulations, thereby decreasing the risks of legal issues and fines.

Cost-effective solutions: Gonex manages your company’s payroll and social charges, which ensures optimal financial planning and reduces operating expenses.

Efficient labor relations: Gonex maintains good relations with leading French unions, navigating hardline stances of unions while maintaining flexibility and professionalism.

HR processes effectiveness: Gonex takes care of all HR functions of your company so that your company can focus on activities supporting core business and strategic growth.



It is evident that opening a company in France is a great possibility for U.S. businesses; at the same time, it raises various challenges that need to be properly addressed. As the issues of French labor laws, excessive taxes, the high labor market burden, and employment conditions can be hardly navigable for businesses from the U.S., partnering with an EOR and Gonex, in particular, will help to manage the identified challenges effectively. To sum up, start using Gonex as an EOR to make your expansion successful.


Key Points:

International hiring

Expanding your business internationally can be a complex process, particularly when it comes to international hiring. Navigating the intricacies of recruiting and employing staff in different countries requires a deep understanding of local labor laws and employment practices. At Gonex, we specialize in simplifying international hiring for U.S. companies, ensuring compliance and efficiency in every step of the process.


Global EOR companies

As one of the leading global EOR companies, Gonex provides comprehensive support for U.S. businesses expanding into new markets like France. Our expertise in handling employment law, payroll management, and compliance issues ensures that your international operations run smoothly and adhere to all local regulations. Partner with Gonex to leverage the benefits of a global EOR company and streamline your international expansion.


Best remote staffing agency

Finding the best remote staffing agency can significantly impact your business’s ability to attract top talent and maintain operational efficiency. Gonex is recognized as a top remote staffing agency, offering unparalleled services to help U.S. companies recruit and manage remote employees in France and beyond. With our extensive experience and tailored solutions, we help you build a successful remote team while navigating international employment challenges.

Why Gonex?

Experienced Management Team: each member in the team has 10+ years experiences in Overseas Human Resources Management, composed of seasoned HR professionals.

Powerful connection: Gonex has established over 10 entities worldwide, along with more than 30 stable partners, together offering the most comprehensive overseas human resource services to our clients.

Strict compliance with laws and regulations: At every step in our service process, Gonex strictly adheres to local laws and regulations, ensuring our clients completely avoid any legal disputes.

Competitive price: Gonex’s services are 20% more affordable compared to other companies in the industry, allowing our clients to allocate more resources to their core business.


What Gonex offer?

Employment of Record: This service helps clients legally hire employees in countries or regions where they do not have a legal entity established.

Payroll BPO service: This includes payroll project implementation plan development, project deployment, payroll calculation, payment of funds, administration of statutory and supplementary benefits, customized reporting, and other comprehensive payroll services.

Global Mobility: Based on the company’s internationalization strategy, the company assigns employees to overseas branches/subsidiaries and handles visa and tax matters in accordance with local policies, while assisting in the compliance management of employees throughout their international assignment life cycle.


GONEX One-Stop Solution: Your strategic partner

Compliance and Legal Adherence: GONEX’s Employer of Record (EOR) service ensures legal compliance in employing local staff.

Cross-Border Payroll and Tax Management: Streamlined payroll services simplify cross-border management.

Flexible Employment Solutions: Adaptable employment services cater to changing business needs.

International Talent Dispatch: Support services facilitate the dispatch of key talent to overseas.

Digital HR Management Platform: Technology-driven solutions enhance management efficiency and cultural integration.


Who do we serve?

Gonex served 70+ clients to expand overseas. The incomes of our clients like Mengniu, Kuaishou and CHINT are up to 192.4 billion.


Let Gonex assist you and your company with handling such complex overseas hiring processes! To access more information on corporate international expansion cases, global employment guidelines, worldwide compensation management, regulations for various regional countries, and factory establishment manuals in different nations, you are welcome to visit the GONEX official website at www.letsgonex.com to download these resources or view our company’s business introduction in PDF format (https://letsgonex.com/in.pdf).

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